About the seamstress

I started as a reluctant seamstress. I was taught sewing by machine and hand at a young age, but I was always more frustrated than fulfilled by it. As an adult, it became a challenge for me: to become better at sewing AND learn to enjoy it. I'm happy to say that, although I still get frustrated, my skills and joy are increasing.

My next sewing frontier is clothing. The only clothing I've ever made was back when I was a kid. Here's a mental picture for you: bright red, elastic-ankle, poofy, jersey-knit pants with a boxy t-shirt blouse (white with huge red polka dots and a pocket). I was likely sporting poofy bangs and a side ponytail. Hey, it was the early 90's! I hope to start experimenting with simple baby and toddler clothing soon, so keep an eye out for my newest sewing adventures!

About the items

All Love, Sewn items are made in a pet-free, smoke-free home and pre-washed with a gentle, biodegradable detergent that is perfect for those with sensitive skin and fragrance sensitivities. Quality is important to me in every step of creation, from selecting materials to putting the finishing touches on your item.  If your item ever starts looking raggedy, ship it to me (at your own expense), and I will gladly repair it to the best of my abilities. (No charge for most repairs; I'll cover the cost of shipment back to you!)

About the name

Why is it called "Love, Sewn"? My items are made with love, and they are one of the ways I share love with others. The knowledge that what I make brings smiles, cuddles, and comfort to others brings me joy!

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